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During the course of my interviews with Al Bielek, we covered his trips to the future.  In public, he talks about he and his brother jumping off the USS Eldridge in 1943 and winding up in the year 1983.  He has never before discussed his two other side trips  - to the year 2137 and the year 2749.

I (the producer), was of course skeptical and saw an opportunity to verify his experience by revealing what he knew about a near future event.  My interviews with Al were conducted in August of the year 2000.

I asked Al in August who was going to win the Presidential election.  I only expected an answer such as Bush or Gore.  What he told me was quite fascinating.

Al responded to my question initially as "I don't know, I don't think I ever asked the question".  The he thought for a moment and said "Ok, yes..I remember."

Al then told me that he remembered Buchanan throwing a monkey wrench into the election process and neither one of the two major candidates getting enough electoral votes to win the election.  He said eventually the election will wind up in the house and go to George Bush.

He told me all of this in August!  How many of you would have made that prediction on your own?

As of this posting (12/7/2000), history may still prove Al wrong.  But I wanted to at least share this with the general public now.  The full interview is in the 2137 discussion on the CD.  Al has much more to discuss about our future. 

UPDATE - could argue both sides on Al's Presidential Prediction.  While it didn't go the US House, the Florida House did cast their vote for Bush - a historical event.

I did speak with Larry James on this issue. He said that he remembered the vote going to the US House.  However, he also reminded me that events can be changed.  Of course, that adds fuel for the skeptics.  Either way, Al was very close.