Al Bielek
Philadelphia & Montauk

Duncan Cameron
Montauk Project

Preston Nichols
Montauk Program

Stewart Swerdlow
Montauk Boys

Larry James
Montauk Time Travel

Dr. James Corum
Scientific Study

Phil Schneider
Aliens,Underground Bases

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Al Bielek, Phil Schneider, and Global Sciences PC-DVD. Contains 26 hours of MP3 Audio and 16 hours of RealNetworks Video.

Al Bielek - Philadelphia Experiment & Montauk Project
Al Bielek Multimedia PC-DVD. Contains over 24 hours of MP3 audio interviews and over 100 scanned photos. Media is encoded in Real G2 and MP3 formats.  If you have a portable MP3 player you'll be able to hear the interviews on that device

Al Bielek Digital Video Autobiography 
The new multi-media CD is the most complete version of Al Bielek's most amazing life - now updated to include his video autobiography. Spend 6 hours with Al Bielek as you watch his digital video describing his experiences.

Bonus - 8 hours of digital video of Global Sciences Speakers.

Phil Schneider's Final Message 
Phil Schneider Multimedia CD.  Contains over 6 hours of digital video and one hour of commentary from Al Bielek.  Includes the 1 hour Ted Gunderson video - "The Story of the Art Bell Lawsuit".  Plays best on a computer that has Internet Explorer version 4.0 or above.

note:  The producer of this website is a huge Art Bell Fan.

(Best Value)

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