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Hi Michael,

I just want to say you've done a great job interviewing such interesting
individuals. I was pleasantly surprised about Stewart's interview since he
is so articulate and clear. I bought this CD because I followed his work
for a while now. What I found very strange was Larry's interview. He seems to know absolutely nothing about the technical stuff (compared to Preston & Al), so I don't really buy his info. He could be right however, who knows.

Also, both Duncan & Stewart claim to have extracted a vial of blood from
Jesus. Can they both be right?? I was very pleased with Al's elaborate interviews. I've seen him lecture at the Nexus Conference 2003 in Amsterdam, and he had to squeeze all of it into just an hour or so! This CD was probably the fastest way (and cheapest) to gain considerable knowledge on all sorts of repressed information.

Greetings to you from Holland!

PS. please give my best wishes to Al for recovering back to a 100 percent.

Esteban Ayasta

Mr. Houtzager,

BTW, remember that phone call I told you I had with Al about all the stuff he told me that would happen in the next year and a half ....... all taking place right now. Of course, we'll have to wait to see if he is really accurate in 2005 if we have flesh eating carnivorous aliens attacking - which I did ask him about and he stuck by the 2005 invasion.

Even in your interview with him, he said 2003-2005 we would have a war with GWB as president.

In time, that 24 hours you spent with Al will become historical. How about a 2003 update for the site? I really had wished a movie could be made with Al in it, but oh well. By any chance do you know of a television appearance history for Al Bielek?

I know you've gotten on with your life and what not - but you are forever the "guy who did the 24 hour interview with Al Bielek" and when people begin to learn more - you'll be one of the key witnesses who knew the man.

I've added a link to on my website (i'm actually creating the link page right now). Its the first link on my page. I've been referring lots of students to the page. I substitute teach and whenever I sub for a history class, and its about World War II, I tell the PX story and the kids are glued to their seat.

- Jonathan Lippe
March 2003



I've received the Al Bielek CD's combo.  There're so much interviews on those 4 cd's.  I just finished watching the 4 hours Al Bielek interviews and I can't believed there're lot more and this is the most complete interview I've ever heard from him.  I've other tapes and books from Al Bielek and Philadelphia and nothing close to this.  Nothing else come close to your cd''s simply the best one out there!!

May 31, 2002

I was finally able to order and begin listening to the Al Bielek MP3 CD (I think I said that right!) and the one of Phil Schneider's last message!!  Also, last weekend I printed out and read the WingMaker book and read it!  What can I say but WOW!!  What great information in the book and the CDs on everything!!!!!

I just want to say thank you, to you, Al Bielek and everyone else involved with the production of the website and the CDs, and for making all of this information available!  I believe that all of this info linked to Montauk, underground activity and the Philadelphia Experiment etc., is some of the most enlightening and important info that will and is effecting us now, in the past and in the future!

Lynn - California

Your site has to be the most brazen attempt to sell science fiction that I have ever seen.

And I thought I'd heard it all...


Great site! Haven't had a good laugh like that in years. The power of the human imagination has hardly been so aptly displayed than on your site. The money you make from this must rival the income of many second-rate hack sci-fi writers. Again, great site.


Just wanted you to know that I have received the materials and am in the process of going through them. The are very professionally done. What has really caught my attention is the fact that Al has met the WingMakers. I have begun to go through their material and it is fascinating. Have run across data that this may be a hoax put up by the webmaster and he had let on that it was three years in the making to pull all this together.

Well...just like everything else out is a task of cutting through the crap and getting at the nuggets. Most of these searches result in a kernel of truth that is MUCH smaller than the surrounding obfuscation that it is embedded in.

Kudos to a job well done. Much information is presented on the videos and the CD that I had never heard before. Am in process of assembling questions for Al as I am going through the testimony.

Thanks so much for the speedy turnaround.

Again, if I can help in any way, please let me know.



Michael: got the Al Bielek CD today and must say its the most astounding thing I have listened to in my 68 years. Thought the interview with Stewart Swerdow was the most enlighting and also the the time travel with you, Al and Larry was beyond belief. Good job on your interviewing you have a voice that is easy to listen to and in my eyes part of what makes the CD most interesting. Thanks for opening and expanding many peoples eyes and minds as to the extent to which we really know nothing. I would have loved to have taken part in this experiment; but not as a street person, as I have had interest in the subject for many years. There are times I think nothing is impossible and if the truth were known, nothing is.

Lindon Greer

Congratulations on this truly excellent compendium of research. I have read
most all of the available Montauk literature, and your CD goes well beyond
this, providing a tremendous amount more information to further pursue. Your
questions were detailed and thorough, your pacing and direction kept the
guest focused, and your ability to consistently query for names and facts is
noteworthy - future researchers will thank you. I applaud you.

The sets of pictures are superb, and the RealVideo clip of Al is invaluable
- having a dynamic face with the words is marvelous.

Stewart, Preston and Al obviously have a mammoth knowledge base in many
esoteric fields. I was surprised, however, that Larry James incorporated so
few technical words in his descriptions. All he seemed to say was
"frequencies". If he was in charge of the time travel program for years, one
would think that he could spout off a litany of electronic terms and give
detailed anecdotes relating to phase, amplitude, harmonics, distortion, and
so on.

As you mention though, there is a good deal of hesitancy and possibly
trepidation in his voice. So perhaps this constant self-censoring and
high-level filtering as Larry forms what he will say is the root of this
tech jargon shortage.

I have some questions over a few topics of which Al spoke; I'm saving these
until I've heard several of the interviews again.

Thank you again for the CD.

David Sloan

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