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Pictures from the Video Shoot for the BBC on August 25, 2003
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Program (Time Travelers) to air in Europe early 2004
Flying into New York My comfortable hotel Across the street is a cultural center
You never know what you will find in New York The main building in the Brooklyn Naval Yard Main operations building in the Brooklyn Naval Yard (now privatized)
The Brooklyn Naval Yard docks - no longer builds navy ships Construction of a movie studio at the old Navy Yard. Malcolm Clark - the executive producer and my interviewer
Taking a break from being interviewed (that's me in the middle) Equipment Check The Producers and the Video team.

The BBC is producing a movie on Time Travel and wanted Al Bielek to be part of their show.  We tried to get Al on the set, but his health from his stroke was still not good.

The Producer seemed to be most interested in Al's time travel experiences.  So I spoke about his trips to 1983, 2137, and 2749.  We briefly covered his trip to Mars and his encounters with the WingMakers.

The trip was a lot of fun and I hope when the film gets edited and produced they don't make me out to be a "kook".  They also interviewed quite a few prominent scientists, who all said time travel was impossible.

Stay tuned....