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Al Bielek Debunked?

Comments from Michael Houtzager, Producer and Interviewer of the Al Bielek Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk CD set.

I seem to have been placed in the odd position of determining if Al Bielek's story is either true or false.  Let me state early on that honestly, I don't know.  My job was to provide a comprehensive interview of Al Bielek.  The goal of the project was not to prove or disprove any of his claims.

As I reflect on this project, which happened around 3 years ago, I realize I may have been in error in my approach.  Many of Al's claims are quite extraordinary.  I am sure many people who bought the CD are perhaps quite troubled by the information provided.  So maybe now, I can provide my own reflections on that experience 3 years ago and what has happened since then.

The bottom line is we are all seekers of the truth.  I learned that those individuals who bought the CD are people who have looked around the world and said "something is just not right".  In their search for the truth, they came across this web site which seemed to offer some viable alternative explanations to the strange reality we live in.  Given Al's powerful presentation style, one can easily believe his story.  I know I did.

How I decided to do this project
For many years, my friends told me I had a good "voice" and a natural interviewing ability.  At the time, I was recording Art Bell programs and listening to them in the car as I drove back and forth to work.  Art Bell opened my mind to the possibilities of Aliens, Government Conspiracies, and yes - Al Bielek.  I remember hearing Al being interviewed by Art Bell and being "blown away" by his presentation.

Somewhere around June 2000, I received a flier in the mail announcing that the 2000 Preparedness Expo would be held in Atlanta GA.  I didn't have anything to do that weekend, so I attended. 

I had already heard Al Bielek on the Art Bell show, so I thought I would take in one of his seminars.  As I listened to his presentation, I observed his audience.  No one fell asleep and everyone was memorized - including myself!

After listening to Al speak for 2 hours, I signed up for his second 2 hour presentation.  After 4 hours of Al Bielek, I felt he had only touched the surface of the information he had.  Then I made the decision that I would approach him to conduct a series of interviews.  Sounded like a good place to start my new venture.

Al agreed to do the interviews and we both agreed to share the revenue from whatever we produced.  This began a 3 month process of meeting with Al around 3 times a week to conduct a series of interviews.

The Interviews
I arranged for Al to come to my office for the interviews.  Using professional recording gear, we sat down and engaged in an "Art Bell" like interview.  After each session was over, I would listen to the interview and prepare my notes for the next interview.  It took a while to develop an understanding of the material, but once I did I was able to take Al deeper into his material than I think anyone ever did.

I was amazed at the ease that Al spoke about Aliens, Time Travel, Mind Control and other bizarre topics.  He had such confidence in his statements.  When he spoke about these subjects, he would would look at you in a manner that was almost intimidating. To him, his words were the gospel and there was no room for error.  I told my friends that he had the demeanor of a three star general.

Many times after my interviews, I would leave the office and check my rear view mirror to see if anyone was following me.  I started to become paranoid.  I felt if this information was true, then surely I would be stopped from publishing it.  Despite all my fears, I don't think I was ever followed in my car or certainly never threatened to stop publishing the CD.

About half way through my interviews with Al, I determined that our best course of action was to find others who could corroborate his story.  It was just too amazing.  That's when he gave me the names of Larry James, Duncan Cameron, Stewart Swerdlow, and Preston Nichols.

It was quite difficult to get any of these people to agree to do an interview.  When asking all of these people if they every remember working with Al at Montauk - the only one who did was Larry James.  But Larry said he worked as the Montauk Time Chair operator as a different person.  When Montauk was invaded he used the chair to perform a "soul transfer" to another body in the past.

If you listen to Larry's interviews carefully, you will find that he differed with Al quite a bit on Al's time travel experiences at Montauk.

My interview with Preston was quite difficult.  He was evasive and elusive.  I had a very difficult time pinning him down on specific answers to help corroborate Al's story.

My interview with Duncan was even more difficult.  Duncan "danced" around all of my questions with frivolous answers.  It appeared he just didn't want to talk about Montauk and only spoke to me after my persistent phone calls.  In the end, he really didn't provide any meaningful information.

Speaking with Steward Swerdlow was quite interesting.  He never met with Al, but said he knew of Al at Montauk.  Close - but not close enough.  I found Steward to be quite articulate and honest with his answers - he seemed to have nothing to hide.

So after 24 hours of interviews and no concrete evidence, I decided to publish the CD.  I had quite a lot of time and money in the project and needed to get something back.

Perhaps my interviews gave the debunkers materials they never had before. Upon reflection, that's good.  If our common goal is the "truth", then Al should be subject to scrutiny.

Reflections of speaking to Al Bielek and some odd behavior
The more I worked with Al, the more my heart went out to the man.  He would drive to my office in a 10 year old car which would break down constantly.  Many times I would look through my window after Al left and saw him working on the car so he could get it started to go home.

I would always buy him lunch/dinner whenever he came by. If there was any food in the kitchen in our office - he would eat right through it! He didn't seem to have a penny to his name.  When the History Channel did a television interview with him, I negotiated a sum of money for him and bought him new clothes for the recording.

After spending some time with the man, I had a mental inventory of many of his answers.  Many times when I would ask a question, I would get the same exact response to a different question.  It was like he had an inventory of programmed answers and his mind would pick the closest response to give as an answer. What was strange was that his similar responses were almost identical word-for-word even though they were given to me weeks apart.

I also noted that he had a deep hatred for his Bielek father and a deep love for his supposed Cameron father.  He hated his childhood and still to this day does not like being a Bielek.  Could he have possibly fabricated this story as a way to justify his unhappy life?  That's for you to decide.

I finally started to question Al's information when he told me privately that the Holocaust never happened.  This was the first time I strongly argued against him.  I could buy a lot of things he said to me in the interviews, but the Holocaust not happening - no.

Where the relationship broke down
Al was forced to move out of his house in Atlanta a couple of months after we were done with the project.  I was paying him royalties for the CD sales when I met him every other week.  When he moved to Florida, we handled all of our correspondence through the phone and mail.

Al moved to Florida with the help of a woman named Dee.  Dee found an apartment for Al and the two spent a great deal of time together.  Another person - Michael Relfe helped fund Al's move.

Not more than a month into Al's move, I noticed his demeanor toward me radically changed.  He became convinced that I was not paying him his fair share of the CD sales.  Then Michael Relfe, owner of the domain switched the domain to a website that he built.  This new website asked people to send the money for the CD directly to Al Bielek in Florida.

I made several phone calls to Al asking him why he did this.  I tried to explain that I never cut him out of any money and in fact gave him more money than our agreement.  Nothing I said changed his mind.  Al would always ask for a few more days to think about his actions.  When I called him a few days later, he would ask for a few more.

I tried to contact Michael Relfe directly and ask him why he repointed the domain name.  Michael would never speak to me directly.  He only responded via email.  Again, Michael asked me to give Al a little time to "think about it".

Finally, I had Michael Relfe's website taken down because of copyright infringement.  That's when all hell broke loose.  Michael sent me vicious emails telling me he was going to report me to the FBI for restraint of trade and on and on.  Hardly the demeanor he displays on his own sites (love and compassion).

I applied for the domain name and posted all of the content there.

Since then, Al and I have only briefly spoken to each other. It's unfortunate.

Hidden files on the CD
If you read the content on some websites, they will say I put "hidden files" on the CD.

This all came about when a friend of Larry James told Larry that there were files on the CD that send all of your personal information to the NSA.  Honestly, I am not smart enough to figure out how to put a program like that together - and no - there are no hidden files on the CD.

When these accusations came out, I spoke to Larry.  I asked him to show me the hidden files and how they worked.  I even told him that if he could prove to me there were hidden files sending user information out, I would pull the CD from the market.

Larry never showed me any hidden files on my CD.

I also emailed Ken Adachi (Owner of and asked him to remove his comments about these hidden files.  I also explained what happened between Al and myself and asked if he could present my side of the story on his site. 

Ken said he would talk to Al - and then I never heard from Ken again. You can see that his comments are still there.  I don't understand these people who profess to be seekers of the truth.  I think they are more interested in upholding their paradigm instead of learning about the truth.

My attempts to mend the relationship
In the summer of 2003 Al suffered from a stroke.  I did call his hospital and told him I wished him a speedy recovery.  He seemed to appreciate my phone call and I thought we were on the road to rebuilding our relationship.

During this time, the website was launched.  I read through ever page of the site.  I found the material that the authors presented in their site quite convincing.  Their basic premise is Al is making up the story. 

Since I was on the road to rebuilding my relationship with Al, I thought I would ask him to do some more interviews with me.  I wanted to give him an opportunity to defend himself.  I believed if I gave him a forum to respond to the accusations on, he would emerge stronger and more believable.

Then I never heard from Al Bielek again.

Since proving/disproving Al Bielek and all of the related stories is not my full  time profession, I haven't pursued it any further.  Given the fact that he has chosen not to answer any of his critics is not good.  Again, its up to you to come to your own conclusions.

Did the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project really happen?
My own personal conclusion is that both experiments really happened.  There was a Philadelphia Experiment and there was a Montauk Project.  Al's degree of involvement is questionable.  Perhaps he was involved to some degree, but mixed his own personal experiences with his own personal agenda.  I don't think we'll ever know the truth.

My advise
My advise to all who reads these words is this - think with your own mind.  It really isn't important if Al Bielek or Larry James or any of the other people interviewed on the CD's are telling the complete truth or not.  Give them a chance to tell their story and then determine for yourself what your truth is.  Once you have determined it for yourself - then live it.

Al has served an important role in uncovering and presenting information on several projects that I think really happened.  For that reason alone, it is worth listening to what he has to say.  But don't let Al have the final say on what you believe.  Visit the website and draw your own conclusions.  Also, follow  these stories through other sources.  I think eventually what really happened with these two projects will surface.

For me personally, this has been a fun ride.  I have spoken to many very interesting people as a result of compiling this CD.  I have been featured on television programs and radio interviews.  I'm glad I took on the project.

I also learned what can happen when one gets too into this "conspiracy" thing.  Suddenly, everything becomes a conspiracy.  I saw Al and his friends suddenly turn on me for no reason.  I became the bad guy and was part of the conspiracy.  So be careful with your thoughts.

If you have any comments about my statements that you would like to share with me please feel free to email me at