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Recap of Radio Interview on Coast to Coast AM
Thursday February 24, 2004

Al was interviewed by George Norey for two hours on Coast to Coast AM.  Coast has between 5 and 10 million listeners and is the most popular late night radio show in the country.

The interview started with George expressing concern for Al's car wrecks.  Al stated that since he moved the Florida he has been involved in three car wrecks.  The last one caused a minor stroke for Al and he was in the hospital for several weeks.

A lot of people speculate that people were trying to take him out "naturally" because the timing of the accidents was around August 2004 - 40 years or so years after 1983 (when he landed in Montauk).

Why Al can't be eliminated

Many people ask why the secret government doesn't have Al conveniently disappear.  Al's response to this is that because of all of his time traveling he is needed to be alive to keep the time loops that he created open.  If he was murdered, then it would create "quite a problem".  He can die of natural causes, but not unnatural causes.

The Philadelphia Experiment did not take place on the DE173 (USS Eldridge).

I (producer) was surprised to hear Al say the Philadelphia Experiment did not take place on the USS Eldridge.  There have been a lot of debunkers who produced some pretty solid evidence that the USS Eldridge was never involved in the Philadelphia Experiment.  During my 3 months of interviews with Al, he always maintained the experiment did take place on the DE173 USS Eldridge.

Al said that prior to our involvement in WWII we were on friendly terms with the Germans.  According to Al, it was the Germans that supplied the ship that was used in the Philadelphia Experiment.  He said the pictures he has (on the CD) show places too large to be part of the official USS Eldridge.

Al remembered seeing 173 as the ship number.  He doesn't remember the DE173.

Send me your thoughts

If you have some thoughts about the new information that Al presented, send me an email at I'll post your comments on this page.